Wednesday, 18 May 2011

augustus and his smile.

I bought this Catherine Rayner book because I loved the illustrations and the layouts of the pages.

patchwork boat

mini boat


The owl and the pussycat

Roads not taken makes birds from felt and fabric. She places this owl in a small papier mache ship with starched fabric sails.

a floaty boat




Baroque Boats

Valerie Roybal

Layering text strips in collage.


This is a more colourful collage artist who uses images from the 50's, 60's 70's  to make posters. I like the faded green shades and colours of the decade.  
The layering of these images gives a more 3d appeal. the placing of the text follows the contour of the back nicely. I like the folded paper layered.

David Wallace

again more vintage ephemera collagers. I like the way David wallace frames all of his images unusually withthe scraps that he cuts images from. The book page as a background works well. I like the worn aesthetic.

Dani Sanchis

These collages are very child like and playful. they often remind me of more bizarre versions of traditional enid blytons book illustrations. I like the used and tired book insert being used as a background.
Sections of old board games and books are used in an analogue format.


Cress layers images of bodies cutting out sections of bodies and replacing them with textures, patterns and other images. i like the busy look in comparison the more simple pieces i have looked at.

Clara Mata

The digital Layering of tired pieces of found ephemera leaves a clean crisp line. The looping of textures mixes the larger pieces often looping items together. his work is also inspired by Robert Rauschenberg.

Celio Braga

Celio Braga uses collages and then layers paper cuts over the top of these. His collages are also largely digital and experimental with perforation experiments and digital and manual combinations. My use of papercuts in the last semester can be combined with the collage from this semester.  

Nikola Starr

Nikola Starr also uses photographs from found ephemera and aged ephemera. Her compositions are simple and guide the eye as if each scene has a narrative. She also has quite a feminine theme to her work and uses text in optimum positions.

Aprile Elchich

Aprile Elchich.

April makes collages using vintage ephemera. She makes very feminine collages and layers floral prints in scanned fabric into the images.

Fred Free

Fred Free Inspired my Lookie likie project. I like his aged aesthetic and his use of retro ephemera. The wearing and distortion of papers and cutouts is also interesting. I used aged books and scraps of old magazine clippings to make collages in the style of fred free.

Natascha Rosenburg is an illustrator who lives in Madrid and Berlin. She illustrates childrens books and uses a 3d/2d mix of mediums. Combining photographs with her illustrations both manually and digitally. She also mixes 3d objects with 2d illustrations and then photographs the scenes she creates.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Teasure troves. I bought the treasure chest box and borrowed the pearls and rings from  mhy friend. I hollowed out a book to insert the treasure too.

Little trees for collaging

Sailor russian dolls

These russian dolls were bought for me at christmas two years ago. I felt they fitted with the theme. I am considering photoshopping them onto little paper boats.

Map Inspiration

I am currently drawing maps for a drawing project and I found these maps as inspiration.